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Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance 4XLP

Belle & Sebastian

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Released Jan 20, 2015 Matador Records

Belle & Sebastian - Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance (4LP Boxset)

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Album Details

Girls In Peacetime Want To Dance is the long awaited follow-up to 2010’s Write About Love. Produced and mixed at Maze Studios in Atlanta by Ben H. Allen III, best known for his work with Gnarls Barkley, Animal Collective, and Raury, among others, the band – who have been listening to things like vintage Detroit techno and Giorgio Moroder – have brought a dance party element into their gorgeous tales of sensitive souls navigating a world gone awry. It is perhaps the most inspired and wide-reaching album Belle and Sebastian have ever made.


Full Length Vinyl

The Party Line
The Everlasting Muse
The Power Of Three
Today (This Army's For Peace)

Full Length Vinyl
Enter Sylvia Plath
Born To Act
Two Birds
Ever Had A Little Faith?

Full Length Vinyl
Play For Today
Nobody's Empire
Piggy In The Middle
The Book Of You

Full Length Vinyl
Perfect Couples
A Politician's Silence
The Cat With The Cream

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