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One Foot In The Grave 2XLP


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Released May 26, 2009 K Records

Beck - One Foot In The Grave - Expanded Edition  2XLP

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This 15th Anniversary Expanded Edition of Beck's One Foot In The Grave features the original album remastered, plus 16 bonus tracks including 13 previously unreleased recordings. Also includes songs from the "It's All In Your Mind" single. Recorded before Mellow Gold, One Foot In The Grave showcases Beck as a postmodern folkie, and the results are revelatory. Stripped of the intoxicating production that dominated Mellow Gold, Beck’s songs prove to be wonderful, vibrant tunes, teeming with emotion, haunting wordplay, and simple, memorable melodies. It’s alternately haunting and jubilant, and Calvin Johnson’s occasional harmonies lend the record an intimate warmth. It’s a gentle record, and its collection of small gems are every bit as impressive as the songs on Mellow Gold or its 1996 follow-up, Odelay.


He's A Mighty Good Leader
Sleeping Bag
I Get Lonesome
Burnt Orange Peel
Cyanide Breath Mint
See Water
Ziplock Bag
Hollow Log
Fourteen Rivers Fourteen Floods
I've Seen The Land Beyond
Girl Dreams
Painted Eyelids
Atmospheric Conditions
Bonus Tracks
It's All In Your Mind
Whiskey Can Can
Mattress *
Woe Unto Me *
Teenage Wastebasket (Acoustic) *
Favorite Nerve *
Piss On The Floor *
Your Love Is Weird *
Close To God *
Sweet Satan *
Black Lake Morning *
Axe Ex *
Teenage Wastebasket (Electric) *
One Foot In The Grave *
Feather In Your Cap
I Get Lonesome *

* previously unreleased

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