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Guerolito 2XLP


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Released Dec 13, 2005 Interscope

Beck - Guerolito 2XLP

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When all is said and done, Beck's Guero might be the quintessential album of 2005. Not the best, nor the one that captured the sound of the year, but the album that illustrates that in 2005, there was no such thing as a finished album — that a set of songs could be packaged and repackaged in so many forms, it never really seems to exist as a finished work. That's because in the course of the year there were roughly five different incarnations of the album, Guerolito is a remix of the entire Guero album, with each track being remixed by a different act, including Air, Boards of Canada, Octet, and Ad-Rock. Sometimes these songs bear different titles than their source material — 'E-Pro' became 'Ghost Range,' for instance; this practice was in place for the deluxe version of Guero as well — and Guerolito itself had its own alternate edition, which was packaged and sequenced slightly different from its main edition, plus an import with a bonus track.


Ghost Range (E-Pro) [Homelife Remix]
Qué Onda Guero [Islands Remix]
Girl [Octet Remix]
Heaven Hammer (Missing)
Shake Shake Tambourine (Black Tambourine) [Adrock Remix]
Terremoto Tempo (Earthquake Weather) [Mario C Remix]
Gettochip Malfunction (Hell Yes) [8Bit Remix]
Broken Drum [Boards of Canada Remix]
Scarecrow [el-P Remix]
Wish Coin [Diplo Remix]
Farewell Ride [Subtle Remix]
Rental Car [John King Remix]
Emergency Exit [Th'corn Gangg Remix]
Clap Hands

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