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Devotion LP

Beach House

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Released Feb 1, 2008 Carpark Records

Beach House - Devotion LP

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Originally released in 2008, Devotion is the sophomore full-length from the Baltimore dream-pop duo Beach House and follow-up their eponymous 2006 debut. Crisper and fuller than its predecessor, the organs, slide guitars and reverb are all still here, but Alex Scally and Victoria Legrand manage to offer up some new sounds throughout the 11-song set to boot. While on their debut critics made comparisons to early ‘90s dream popsters like Mazzy Star, Galaxie 500 and Slowdive, on Devotion listeners will also hear the band’s longtime admiration for ‘60s Motown and country folk.


Wedding Bell
You Came to Me
Turtle Island
Holy Dances
All the Year
Heart of Chambers
Some Things Last (A Long Time)
Home Again

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