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Sirens And Condolences LP


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Released Jul 31, 2012 Victory

Bayside - Sirens And Condolences LP


Album Details

Since their inception on Long Island one fateful winter day in 2000, Bayside have become the voice for the misanthropic and the hopeful alike. The band released four studio albums with Victory Records since signing on in 2003, kicking off the fruitful relationship with the label here with 2004's Sirens And Condolences. When Bayside sings of devastation and betrayal in songs like "How To Fix Everything" and "Guardrail," the emphasis is always placed equally on all parties involved. Honest self-examination, no matter how painful, brings a hope of redemption to these intimate, dark narratives of brooding and despair.


Poison In My Veins
Phone Call From Poland
Talking of Michaelangelo
Alcohol and Alter Boys
A Synonym for Acquiesce
How To Fix Everything
If You‘re Bored
Just Enough To Love You

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