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No Control 2XLP

Bad Religion

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Released Oct 1, 2004 Epitaph

Bad Religion - How Could Hell Be Any Worse

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Album Details

No Control is the fourth album by American punk rock band Bad Religion, released on November 2, 1989 through Epitaph Records. Bad Religion began work on the album while touring in support of its previous album, Suffer (1988). No Control is stylistically faster than its predecessor, owing more to hardcore punk. Additionally, it was the first Bad Religion album not to feature a lineup change from after one consecutive studio album, and the band's second album (after 1983's Into the Unknown) not to display their iconic font on the cover.


Full Length Vinyl

Change of Ideas
Big Bang
No Control
Sometimes I Feel Like
Automatic Man
I Want to Conquer the World
Full Length Vinyl
It Must Look Pretty Appealing
I Want Something More
The World Won't Stop

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