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Boss Lady 7"

Bad Cop / Bad Cop

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Released Apr 1, 2014 Fat Wreck Chords

Bad Cop / Bad Cop - Boss Lady 7"

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boss Lady is the second EP from the all female super-group BAD COP/BAD COP. With catchy hooks, three part harmonies, and a drummer who fires her ‘guns’ harder than most of her male counterparts, BAD COP/ BAD COP bring to mind the ‘90s heyday of chicks who actually rocked. From the snarl of The Distillers and the catchy harmonies of Dance Hall Crashers, to the guitar prowess of The Muffs and wry lyrics of Lunachicks, Boss Lady is a perfect amalgam of the sounds that influenced BAD COP/BAD COP. When looking at their collective past endeavors (Compton SF, The Radio Sweetheart, The D’Maggs, The City, Angry Amputees, and Cunt Sparrer), it’s little wonder how the band pulls off such an impressive comingling of varied elements so convincingly. All four tracks on Boss Lady prove that the best way to battle sexist stereotypes about women in bands is to play well, and to play hard.


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