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Beautiful Things LP

Anthony Green

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Released Jan 17, 2012 Atlantic

Anthony Green - Beautiful Things LP


Album Details

Photo Finish Records presents Beautiful Things, the new solo release from Circa Survive frontman Anthony Green and follow-up to his critically acclaimed 2008 debut album Avalon. Beautiful Things was recorded at The Big House in the sleepy beach town of Avalon, New Jersey, with backing and additional production from Green's fellow Philadelphians, Good Old War. In addition, the album sees guest appearances from such like-minded artists as Ida Maria, Lights, Maps & Atlases guitarist Dave Davison, Claire Wadsworth, Circa Survive comrades Brendan Ekstrom and Colin Frangicetto, and a couple other surprises.


If I Don’t Sing
Do It Right
Moon Song
Get Yours While You Can
When I’m On Pills
Can’t Have It All At Once
Big Mistake
Love You No Matter What
How It Goes
Just To Feel Alive
James’ Song
Blood Song

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