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Painting With LP

Animal Collective

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Released Feb 19, 2016 Domino Recording Co.

Animal Collective - Painting With LP

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Painting With is the eleventh full length Animal Collective album. It was recorded in 2015 at EastWest Studios in Hollywood, California and mixed at Gang Recording Studio in Paris, France with Sonny DiPerri. For fifteen years Animal Collective has been rewriting the musical map, their line-up and aesthetic shifting with each astonishing release as they continue their pursuit of a new psychedelia. The result: Painting With. Warm and personal, dizzying and high definition, concerned with art and the human experience, and the meeting of both - creating something elemental, joyous, and unmistakably Animal Collective. There are three different album covers for Paining With, one for each member in the band - Avey Tare, Geologist, and Panda Bear.


Hocus Pocus
Lying In The Grass
The Burglars
Natural Selection
Bagels In Kiev
On Delay
Spilling Guts
Summing the Wretch
Golden Gal

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