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Are You Serious LP

Andrew Bird

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Released Apr 1, 2016 Loma Vista

Andrew Bird - Are You Serious LP

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An up-tempo blitz addressing personal chemistry as a rearrangement of 
molecules, "Roma Fade" may be the album's centerpiece. Its sense of longing
 – "from the tips of your fingers, every strand of may not know me but you feel my stare" – is based in part on how Bird met his wife, or rather, the times he saw her before they met. "Roma Fade" and "Truth Lies Low" present both sides of the phenomenon of observing and being observed. The album's surprise revelation is "Left Handed Kisses," a duet with the singular Fiona Apple. With Bird playing the skeptic and Apple the romantic, the stop-start ballad portrays two lovers who are philosophically opposed but inevitably drawn together. It feels like it could be a lost Johnny Cash/June Carter classic.


Roma Fade
Truth Lies Low
Chemical Switches
Left Handed Kisses
Are You Serious
Saints Preservus
The New Saint Jude
Valleys Of The Young

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