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Dear Friends And Gentle Hearts LP

American Steel

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Released Jul 21, 2009 Fat Wreck Chords

American Steel - Dear Friends And Gentle Hearts LP

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After their triumphant return from a five year hiatus, American Steel are primed to build on their remarkable momentum and acclaim with the release of their fifth full-length, Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts. From the opening note, Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts reflects American Steel’s unique ability to deliver invigorating songs with an artistic approach that is lost on the majority of their peers. The album’s penetrating songs, soulful choruses, and smart, constantly progressing guitar work combine to create what is by far the band’s paramount achievement to date. Guided by honest lyrics that melt into irresistible hooks which refuse to leave the listener’s head, Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts stands alone in a sea of whimsical, one-and-done offerings from countless other bands in the punk scene. It is truly one of those rare recordings that insights the longing for the cramped and carefree confines of a sweaty, jubilant house party. Paradoxically energizing and steadying, Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts implores the listener to get off their ass and dance, while at the same time inviting them to contemplate the subtleties around them. American Steel fans and music fans in general will be enraptured by this instant classic.


Emergency House Party 
Tear The Place Apart 
Safe And Sound 
Your Ass Ain't Laughing Now 
The Blood Gets Everywhere 
From Here To Hell 
Dear Friends And Gentle Hearts 
Lights Out 
Where You Want To Be 
Finally Alone
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