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Alkaline Trio LP

Alkaline Trio

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Released Oct 4, 2011 Asian Man

Alkaline Trio - Alkaline Trio LP


Vinyl Details

1st press: 500 orange; 500 brown; 500 blue; 500 grey; 500 clear w/ black smoke
2nd press: 500 black
3rd press: 596 random color
4th press: 650 clear red w/ black smoke

Album Details

Did you miss out on getting For Your Lungs Only and I Lied My Face Off? Well, now you can get those songs and more on this semi-discography of Alkaline Trio. This record has both out of print EPs, their first 7", and 3 songs from various compilations. It's a must-have for any Trio fan!!


Goodbye Forever
This is Getting Over You
I Lied My Face Off
My Friend Peter
Snake Oil Tanker
Southern Rock
Cooking Wine
For Your Lungs Only
Sun Dials
Nose Over Tail

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