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Back To The Future III 2XLP

Alan Silverstri

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Released May 6, 2016 Mondo

Alan Silverstri - Back To The Future III 2XLP

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Vinyl Details

Deluxe Gatefold, 180 Gram 2XLP

Album Details

Back To The Future Part III is the sleeper of the trilogy soundtracks. Containing some of the best compositions of all of the three scores, the West inspired music brings to life some flourishes previously missing from the Trilogy: romantic, and truly cinematic, the Train sequence is Silvestri at his best. Featuring 20 minutes of previously unreleased material, pressed on 180 Gram Vinyl featuring original artwork by Matt Taylor.


Side A
Back To Back / Court House (1:24)
Main Title (2:43)
Into The Mine / Tombstone (3:17)
Warmed Up (1:30)
Indians (Film Version) (1:09)
Safe And Sound (0:42)
Hill Valley (2:18)
The Hanging (1:42)
We’re Out Of Gas (1:17)

Side B
There Is No Bridge / Doc to the Rescue (1:25)
At First Sight (3:19)
Yellow (0:45)
The Kiss (1:55)
You Talkin’ To Me? (0:35)
The Future Isn’t Written (3:37)
Goodbye Clara (3:03)
What’s Up Doc / Marty Gallops / To The Future (1:44)

Side C
Wake Up Juice (1:12)
Callin’ You Out / Count Off (1:56)
The Showdown / The Kick (2:12)
A Science Experiment? (The Train - Part I) (3:12)
It’s Clara (The Train - Part II) (4:36)
Point of No Return (The Train - Part III) (3:49)

Side D
It’s Destroyed / Back To The Girlfriend / It Erased (3:39)
Doc Returns (2:55)
End Credits (4:08)
Doubleback (Extended Version) (3:11)

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