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True Trans 7"

Against Me!

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Released Sep 3, 2013 Total Treble

Against Me! - True Trans EP

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Album Details

"True Trans" is a single from Against Me!, released as a digital single on July 12, 2013 on Total Treble Music. The two songs were made available via an email download link to those who preordered tickets for Laura Jane Grace's August solo tour of the US East Coast, but will be sold on tour as a 7" and through Total Treble mailorder. The single features two acoustic versions of songs that are expected to appear on Against Me!'s sixth studio album,Transgender Dysphoria Blues, which is likely to release towards the end of 2013. The song "True Trans Soul Rebel" has been played at live shows since May 30, 2012. The artwork for the single features Jame "Buffalo Bill" Gumb from 1991 movie The Silence of the Lambs, who is a male serial killer often wrongly described as transgendered.


FuckMyLife666" (acoustic version) 
True Trans Soul Rebel (acoustic version)

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