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The Art Of Drowning LP


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Released Sep 19, 2000 Nitro Records

AFI - The Art Of Drowning LP

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Hardcore punk goes goth in the hands and screams of AFI. Grind in some metal and a little emo, and you've got a kickin' album with "The Art of Drowning." AFI's fifth studio effort really gets to the core of classic punk. Rowdy and restless, it rages against the powers that be. Only 300 pressings were made of this remastered limited edition album. It is pressed into sturdy 180-gram vinyl that is a grey marbled configuration, not too far removed from a headstone. The song "Dream Of Waking" is a special vinyl-only track. The album peaked at 174 on the Billboard 200 chart. Nitro


The Lost Souls
The Nephilim
Ever And A Day
Sacrifice Theory
Of Greatings And Goodbyes
Story At Three
The Days Of The Phoenix
Catch A Hot One
6 to 8
The Despair Factor
Battled (CD hidden track)
Dream Of Waking

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