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Stiff Upper Lip LP


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Released Apr 15, 2014 Epic

AC/DC - Stiff Upper Lip LP

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2000's Stiff Upper Lip is AC/DC's second to last full-length release to date and follow-up to their well received Rick Rubin-helmed 1995 effort Ballbreaker. Produced by Malcolm and Angus Young's older brother George Young, the hard charging 12-song set finds the group doing what they do best and playing to their strengths i.e. providing a wealth of irresistible guitar riffs and suggestive vocals for fans to latch onto and never let go. Yet another platinum release from AC/DC anchored by the three successful singles "Stiff Upper Lip," "Safe In New York City" and "Satellite Blues."


Stiff Upper Lip
House of Jazz
Hold Me Back
Safe In New York City
Can't Stand Still
Can't Stop Rock 'n' Roll
Satellite Blues
Come and Get It
All Screwed Up
Give It Up

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